Le Souk is French Algerian for ‘The Market’

Le Souk is the vision of Azou Bouilouta and Julia Melvin. They share their passion for creating healthy meals made to share.

Azou grew up along the mountainous coastline of East Algeria. At the age of 18, he won a scholarship to study in Paris. Despite nearly completing his studies in genetics, he decided a career in management and hospitality was closest to his heart.

Julia, born in England, raised in Adelaide, lived in Sydney. She has always been a graphic designer and fortunate to have landed a wide range of professional roles where her innate enthusiasm for visual communication has flourished.

In 1999, their chance meeting in Montmartre, Paris, led to their long term partnership.

They live, work and build Le Souk in Adelaide, South Australia with help from a great support team and their teenage son, Adam.