Algeria is the largest country in Africa. With a population of over 40 million people, sharing its border with Tunisia and Morocco, it forms part of a cultural/geographic trio, called the Maghreb.

In modern history, it was once part of France, but Algeria fought a fierce, protracted and brutal war of independence and declared a republic in 1962.

A wheat product, it is similar to pasta but made into small ‘grains’. Traditionally, a Berber invention, it was made by hand, using a mixture of semolina flour, water, a large round fine mesh pan and lots of patience. The product in supermarkets today is pre-cooked and does not require long periods of steaming in the couscoussier.

At Le Souk, we always slow cook our lamb, chicken and chakchouka, with our spice blends, for a minimum of 6 hours. This not only produces delicious lamb you can eat with a spoon but is of the highest nutritional value. There is no oil or frying in these dishes.

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