Ras el Hanout


Le Souk has created a versatile, complex and rich version of the North African classic. Ras el Hanout is known as the finest blend, a spice merchant, can offer. Ours is Algerian in essence and its unique flavour is expressed when cooking in the tagine, casserole or the modern electric slow cooker. We use our Ras el Hanout liberally, in our popular Lamb couscous and Algerian lentil and carrot soup. Try it as a base for a marinade, apply as a dry rub for BBQ or sprinkle over vegetables before roasting. Wherever you choose, our fragrant and refined blend will enhance many dishes.

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Try it with …

Chicken, vegetable soup, casserole, kebabs, lentils, rubs for roast chicken and lamb cutlets. Add to olive oil marinade for BBQ fish/squid/prawns. Flavour up meat mince, beans or even lasagne.



Nutmeg, coriander, cumin, ginger, turmeric, salt, cinnamon, sugar, mild paprika, cardamom.

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