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Le Souk has carefully interpreted the classic North African Baharat, it is also called, Seven Spices. Moody flavours such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg create a rich, aromatic sauce for cooking dark meats such as duck, venison or goat. It compliments butternut, squash, yam, sweet potato, dried fruits and walnuts, for roasting. Rub into your lamb rack, blend with yoghurt for a spicy chicken marinade. This bold, sensual Baharat will also elevate the humble meatball or turkey burger.



This Charmoula is a family secret, gracing many a dining table. Use this spice mix as a base, blending with olive oil, preserved lemon, fresh lemon, lime, parsley, coriander, chilli or saffron. We use it in our beetroot salad dressing at our café. Stuff sardines or mackerel, baste BBQ tuna steaks or add to a batter for deep frying your fish. Our Charmoula will also work well for poultry and veggies.

Coriander salt


An award-winning, Algerian version of table salt. Our blue-ribbon Coriander Salt is a constant addition at our dining table. This deceptively simple blend of roasted coriander seeds and Aussie salt, takes butternut wedges to another level. A hint of smoky sweetness of the coarsely ground coriander seeds, brings the best out of baked fish, roasted tomatoes, vinaigrettes and sprinkled over scrambled eggs.



Winning a First Prize at the Royal Adelaide Show, our blue ribbon was the result of over 12 months spent refining and getting the balance right before releasing our Dukkah. By roasting and toasting all ingredients, it releases the oils locked inside the nuts and seeds. This complex Dukkah teams well with eggs, cheeses, try mixing with breadcrumbs for a nutty coating for the kids’ chicken nuggets.

Le Souk Spice Trio 1


Our best Algerian spice blends are packaged into a sample pack of three 120ml jars. Great for trialling our Ras el Hanout, Baharat and Charmoula or gift-giving to the ‘must have’ cook. Carefully selected spices are tuned to create a balance for each unique product. We hope you enjoy!

Le Souk Spice Trio 2


Our choice condiment blends are packaged into a sample pack of three 120ml jars. Great for trialling our award-winning Dukkah, Za’atar and Coriander salt or give a unique gift for the food adventurer. Carefully selected spices, herbs, seeds and nuts are toasted then finely blended to perfection.

Le Souk Tote Bag


Our Le Souk Tote will hold all your Le Souk preserves, Red Harissa and Algerian Spicey goodies (and a lot more) with generous dimensions and long straps. With an internal zipped pocket and external side pocket, it’s waterproof and strong. Don’t forget, you get this for free when you spend over $150 AUD.

Size: 45cm wide x 34cm high x 12cm deep

Preserved lemons


Weight: 260g

Classic North African ingredient, our Algerian version is another award winner at the Royal Adelaide Show. Our lemons are preserved in brine for a minimum of 6 months, in order to extract the best flavour. The longer the better, we aim for a melt-in-the-mouth version after 12 months. However, do wash and remove pips before using in your recipes. Use in tajines, slow cooking, salads, couscous, anywhere the unmistakable rich and sour lemon flavour is needed.

Ras el Hanout


Le Souk has created a versatile, complex and rich version of the North African classic. Ras el Hanout is known as the finest blend, a spice merchant, can offer. Ours is Algerian in essence and its unique flavour is expressed when cooking in the tagine, casserole or the modern electric slow cooker. We use our Ras el Hanout liberally, in our popular Lamb couscous and Algerian lentil and carrot soup. Try it as a base for a marinade, apply as a dry rub for BBQ or sprinkle over vegetables before roasting. Wherever you choose, our fragrant and refined blend will enhance many dishes.

Red Harissa


Weight: 245g

When we launched Le Souk in 2014, there was one product that had to be our signature flavour, Red Harissa. Fiery, sharp and complex, our version of the classic North African chilli condiment has exceeded all our expectations. Much applauded, many customers happily take one or two jars home. Our Red Harissa is very accommodating, try mixing with natural yoghurt for a BBQ fish condiment. Use in braising or slow cooking, stirring into a soup/stew or adding rose for a Moorish result.



This Middle Eastern condiment has become very popular and rightly so. The crushed, fruity, sour and aromatic berry is unique. Sumac has the ability to add taste value and depth to slow cooking (our lamb couscous benefits from sumac) use in marinades for lamb and chicken or sprinkled over freshly baked eggs.

Tagine Mix


We wanted to create a versatile, flexible Tagine Mix for a wide range of slow cooking purposes. A fail-safe blend that will adapt well for vegetables, pulses and meats. Lightly aromatic with more than a hint of mace, cardamom and pepper, it will bring out the best in your tagine, slow cooking or soup pot.



Our Za’atar is a delightful mix of herb, seed, sour and salt. Finely ground to produce an aromatic blend, it will complement eggs, labneh or hummus. Brilliantly tasty when sprinkled over olive-oiled flat bread. Top a tasty pizza with mozzarella, zaatar and anchovies or make a vinaigrette with lemon juice, zaatar and virgin olive oil.